Multi-Use Court

Design, Install & Resurfacing


A vary common practice is to incorporate two or more sports into one playing surface or Multi Court. Whether it is a tennis/pickleball court or a pickleball/basketball court we can help you with the design, construction and layout. If you have an existing court you can add equipment and playing lines to make your court more versatile.

Multi-Use Court Design & Installation

Victoria PlayCo experts can assist with the design and installation of your multi-sport court. We’ll construct a versatile court with your space and athletic needs in mind. Our materials provide a safe surface to optimize play for the sports of your choosing, offering you the flexibility to enjoy multiple activities from one court.

Multi-Use Court Resurfacing

Already have a multi-sport court installed but require resurfacing? With a variety of colour coating and cushion systems to choose from, Victoria PlayCo will help you select the best option for resurfacing your multi-use sport court for a durable, play-enhancing, high-performance court surface.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can assist with your multi-use court resurfacing needs.

Does your court need to be repaired or resurfaced?

We are British Columbia's leader in sports surfacing and construction. We are experts in resurfacing and repairing existing courts. 

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