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Base Construction

No single factor is more important to a well-built court than proper base construction. Victoria PlayCo has the experience, the equipment and the personnel to ensure the sub-soils are expertly prepared before any other work begins.

Site Drainage
Improper site drainage can ruin an otherwise well-built court. The adverse effects that water can have on the base construction of a court cannot be overstated. Poor drainage is responsible for more court damage than any other factor.

No other paved surfaces require a higher level of tolerance than a sports court. Slope, pitch, joint work, texture, compaction, and uniformity are crucial aspects of paving a sports court. Our partners are skilled in grading techniques and equipment operation to ensure the sub-base and paving meets high standards needed for an optimum product.

A variety of fence styles and colors are available to complement any sport court environment. Victoria PlayCo uses high-quality materials and a meticulous installation process to ensure fence longevity is maximized.

Sport court coatings are used to protect the underlying asphalt surface from harmful oxidation and wear as well as to provide a smooth, uniform playing surface. Victoria PlayCo partners with Laykold and Sport Master surface specialists and can help you choose the right surface for your project. These coatings are vibrant, long-lasting and can be adjusted to provide fast, medium or slow play speeds.

Whether it is posts, nets, windscreens or any other specific piece of equipment you need, Victoria PlayCo can provide you with the best product to meet your needs. We are a distributor for Putterman and Douglas Sports.


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